What are the school fees?

School fees for 2016 are :

R 1,400 – Baby Class.
R 1,300 – 1 year – 5 years.
Half Day – R 900. Half day ends strictly at 11:45am.

What are the hours of operation?

The school is open from Monday – Friday from 07:00am – 17:30pm. We are closed on public holidays and three weeks over December. The playschool is open during school holidays.

What is the school curriculum?

The children are introduced to theme work each week. We have a variety of themes which we do with the children and here are a few examples:

People who help us
Weather & Seasons
Looking after ourselves
Light & Dark
Building blocks, painting, play-dough, colouring.

The children do spend much of their day outside. It is very important that children run around without shoes on to build up their feet muscles, they need to climb jungle gyms to strengthen their arm and finger muscles which will help them when they are in ‘big’ school, when they start school work.

We offer extra mural activities which include, Ballet, Kindermusik and Action Sports.

Do you provide snacks?

Parents provide a healthy snack each day. We will supply a cooked lunch every day.

Do you potty train the children?

Yes we do potty train.

What extra-mural activities are offered?

The following extramural activities are offered at Peter Rabbit Playschool:

Ballet, Kindermusik and Action Sports.